Freaky Friday in the MiX!

DJ Girl 4MIX 2015-01-113 (Ron Bunschoten)

Get ready for the weekend !

We have 3 cool mixes for you.

We start at 8pm cet with DJ Ron Bunschoten, he made a groovy, sexy disco-dance mix.

 At 9pm CET the DJ’s Dennis van der Berg (left) & Peet Need are the Baldeejays. Released on

Bordello label in 2014; The Baldeejay’s Mix vol.3..Dark & Freakyyyy

10954094_984710744891243_1540465178_nAnd the finally is for our Synth-Jock Seva Ergrover with a brand new Italo Disco Space dance mix!


The rerun of these mixes is this saturday at 4pm CET. At 7pm CET you can listen to the monthly New Generation Top 40 by Will Reid from Scotland, exclusively made for Radio Stad den Haag.

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Weather Report

Here some tracks to ‘warm you up’ winter has come in Europe and the US…so cuddle up, drink hot wine and enjoy the ever entertaining old videoclips. Why not try some 80’s dance moves like in the video.

Poolwinden om het huis, NY zogenaamd onder gesneeuwd en lawine gevaar in de Alpen..Vroeger! Toen hadden we pas winters. Hier een paar oudbollige videos om je op te warmen.

And ofcourse…Madigan – Ice cold love maar daar was geen leuke video van.

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Sunday Live Programming!! DOWNLOADS

Get ready for whole lot of music to download….

At 17:00pm cet Michiel with one hour of ‘DoucheCo’

18:00 till 20:00pm CET DJ Renaldo & Joop in a live mix session! Have a look at their tracklists, we have put them in our comments of this post.


At 20:00pm CEt it is time for the weekly dosis of entertainment and your requested songs with Menno, Gwen & Michiel.
And we had a guest this night, his name is Chris and he ownes a rare collection of vinyl. So rare and expensive that sometimes he even weares cloves when he picks up the vinyl!! And what an awesome night we had with his choice of vinyl!
Check it out in the download…tracks you rarely hear.
We also this played a re-release on Italian records by N.O.I.A. and a new Kristian Conde. Thanks for all your comments and requests :-)


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Saturday in the Mix and Club 80s show!

At 4pm CET The freaky friday mixes in the rerun! Enjoy Dj Joop, Peet Need & Seva Ergrover.

And then..Club 80s with Will Reid is back on Radio Stad this Saturday evening with a fresh new batch of tunes for your audio pleasure :-) As always, 7pm CET or 6-8pm UK, chat LIVE here and enjoy music from Mike Mareen, Tony Caso, Yvonne Kay, Michael Bow…..and, 3 artist medleys that sound grrrrrrreat!

Plus, our usual tranche of New Generation hits the airwaves, with tunes from M@rgo, Kristian Conde, D White, TQ and a fabby new offering from Tam Harrow!

It’s your essential Saturday night entertainment! Next week the New Generation Italo top 40!


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Freaky Friday in the MiX!

mix sound and deejaysTune in at 19:00pm CET. We start with a re-broadcast of Will Reid interviewing Martin Blix from the band Italove.
And at 8pm CET….

…Who doesnt know ‘Joop’ by now…He comitted himself years ago to Radio Stad, turned out to be a great mixer and today he is being asked by national radio stations to make mixes on demand.
So make way for DJ Van Wingen and his Radio Stad Meets Wollebrand-Mix 2015

202034_146014368800281_767416_o Then..who more puts Freak into your Friday then our national hero DJ Peet Need or better known as…
The Sith Lord of Dark Synth.
He brings you the ‘JoPeThoPeMix’…Say Whaaaaat????


PIC_171And the Finally is by..Seva Ergrover from the Ukraine.

He made a fresh new Italo Space dance Mix for you.


We rerun these mixes this saturday at 4pm CET followed by Will Reids Monthly New generation Italo Top 40!


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